Introducing ARCTIC Face Masks

To help alleviate the corona crisis, we’re making high-quality masks available to everyone

For us, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has made one thing very clear: We are all in this together. Accordingly, we at ARCTIC have decided that we want to do our part to help in the current situation by using the opportunities we have.

Masks, as a vital part of curbing the pandemic and key to returning to everyday life, continue to be in enormous demand. Still, there are offers that come with high prices or inferior quality.

In cooperation with our textile partner, we are producing high-quality face masks and offering them to our customers at a fair price. All materials are produced and quality-controlled completely in-house from A-Z. The Hohenstein Institute in Germany has tested the masks. So we want to make this essential protection more readily available for everyone – in a quality level that can be trusted.

ARCTIC masks comply with the medical standard EN 14683 – why are they still considered non-medical products at the moment?

All necessary tests have been carried out by the Hohenstein Institute in Germany and successfully verified. The rest is a matter of formalities: In order to be able to bring the masks onto the market as a “medical product”, they still have to go through a process for CE marking – a process which is currently still pending. However, because they have already passed the quality testing, we’d like to make the masks available now.

For ARCTIC founder Magnus Huber, taking this step in the current situation is a matter close to the heart: “Everyone should have access to a reasonable mask. If I can make a difference here, I would be happy to do it.” It is this basic principle that led to the founding of ARCTIC almost 20 years ago: “People wanted quiet computers and that option simply didn’t exist; later, when it did, they were overpriced. We have made higher performance massively affordable.”

Offering consumers the highest possible quality at a fair price has always been ARCTIC’s philosophy – naturally, we take the same approach with our masks.

ARCTIC masks come in packs of 50 and can be purchased for 15,99 €  Purchase face masks here

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