Successful through the crisis – An interview with Peter Jankowski

Peter Jankowski / ARCTIC GmbH

During the Corona Pandemic many companies have been confronted with their biggest challenges of recent decades. At ARCTIC, we are determined to get through the crisis successfully. So far, we have been lucky: no short-term work, no redundancies. On the contrary, instead of complications, we have welcomed new colleagues, introduced new products, and renovated the marketing office.

We spoke with Peter Jankowski, who runs ARCTIC GmbH in Braunschweig, about ARCTIC’s path through the pandemic.

Corona has hit many companies and industries hard, initiating a wave of bankruptcies. How has ARCTIC gotten through the crisis so far?

We had very dramatic bottlenecks in Q2 and Q3 last year. Our planning and intensive collegial collaboration with colleagues in Hong Kong and China led us out of this challenge. Apart from that, we generally work with a fairly healthy stock. This may not always be the best economic decision, but we can sleep better with it.

Of course, we have also seen occasional increases in the last 12 months, which can be attributed to the pandemic. For example, we have been able to sell more monitor arms, these were needed when setting up home offices. However, I do not attribute our success to the corona crisis. Rather, I am convinced that we are growing healthily and sustainably.

Our goal was and is to keep Corona out of our company.

Telework is a must at ARCTIC during the lockdowns. Work flows differently at office and at the home desk. What effect does this have on teamwork?

We have already shown at the beginning of 2020, with the first measures in various locations, that we take the issue seriously, and our goal was and is to keep Corona out of our company. Even though we were ridiculed a bit at the beginning, it turns out that during the entire pandemic, we were able to work vigorously, co-operative and with great effort, on site and from employees’ home offices.

On the whole, things are going well with teleworking, and collaboration and communication within the teams is also successful. Here and there were certainly technical problems, but also noticeable improvements. I think we will also be expanding the teleworking possibilities after the crisis, but also work on the optimisation opportunities.

Not every area of ​​work can be relocated to the home workplace. Which employees are still working on-site, and what measures have you taken to make the work environment safe?

Of course, colleagues in the warehouse cannot work from home. But there are also some colleagues who for whom teleworking is impossible. This has predominantly technical reasons. I too am back and forth in the office.

In the meantime, very strict measures prevail in the building. These clearly go beyond the recommended guidelines. For example, we have been using KN95 masks for a very long time in all workplaces and have separated office spaces from each other by large plexiglass walls.

ARCTIC has also used the Corona era to expand and modernize its office space. Where does the courage come from to invest at this time?

I would not link this to the pandemic. The pandemic has only given us the opportunity to calmly redesign the office. This would certainly have been much more difficult to achieve during a time of “normal” operation. Even without a pandemic, we would sooner or later have had to rebuild to create new office capacities. In that regard, it’s not brave. Rather, it is necessary to set us up well for the future.

Due to the pandemic, ARCTIC has not only reorganized its work processes, but even adapted its product range. Many customers were surprised when ARCTIC started producing face masks in mid-2020. Where did this idea come from?

First, masks were offered and also sold at too high prices. When the pandemic broke out in Hong Kong, we organised masks for our colleagues and when there were shortages in Europe, we simply had masks produced ourselves, in order to be able to offer all customers and interested parties high-quality masks at a fair price. We don’t support making money out of somebody else’s misery.

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We would like to further contribute to the management of the pandemic.

ARCTIC has donated thousands of face masks to Brunswick schools and charities. How did this action come about? And are further fundraisers planned?

My daughter’s school asked in a newsletter for parents to donate masks. This confused me at first, since the schools should already have gotten financial support and masks in December 2020. Unfortunately I was told, this was not the case. Since we donate to an institution every year for Christmas, it was close to donating masks. This action has attracted a lot of attention and in the meantime, we have donated hundreds of thousands of masks to various places. We are very happy to support this and would like to further contribute to the management of the pandemic.

More about ARCTIC’s donations in German press:
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Unternehmen spendet dem Wolfenbütteler Hospizverein Masken

An end to the pandemic is not foreseeable even today. How is it going for ARCTIC now?

I’m firmly convinced that we are in a very good position. We will also accept the recent demands for the test offensive and, once again, prove that we are there for our colleagues, customers and partners. At the moment I cannot say when we will all sit in the office again without plexiglass walls and masks and organise teambuilding events, but we have learned a lot about us, the local authorities and non-linear possibilities. I think we will be significantly strengthened and structured after the pandemic.

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Meet Nick, the new Marketing Manager at ARCTIC Inc.

Nick Hooker, Marketing Manager at ARCTIC Inc.

Nick Hooker joined team ARCTIC in June 2019 as Marketing Manager responsible for the U.S., Canadian and Australian markets. He has been a marketing professional for nearly 15 years and specializes in campaign management, branding, and design. His passion for marketing stems from creativity and his ability to develop original concepts through inspiration and ingenuity.

When not in the office, you will often find Nick spending time with his beloved daughter coaching football (American soccer) or watching her softball games. Nick, his wife Danielle, and daughter also like to travel, visiting other countries and enjoy exploring new cultures. 

We asked Nick a few questions about his work at ARCTIC, and here is what he told us:

What is your role at ARCTIC Inc.?

As Marketing Manager, I am responsible for developing marketing strategies for the North American region. This includes the management of online marketing channels, display advertising, and developing industry co-op partnerships. I also supervise brand awareness, enhance reviewer relations, launch PR and press-related activities, as well as, coordinate localized community efforts. 

You are fairly new with ARCTIC, how do you like the company so far?

Everyone has been very welcoming and absolutely fantastic to work with.  I see a bright future here and am very excited to be a part of this team. I have a deep passion for marketing and am fascinated with technology, so I feel right at home here.

What possibilities do you see for ARCTIC in the US market?

I think the possibilities here are endless. ARCTIC is a well-known brand throughout the technology industry and I hope to continue strengthening our brand and service.  As the eSports industry continues to grow rapidly, I believe we are positioned perfectly here in the US to work closely with US, Canadian, and Australian organizations and gamers in a mutually beneficial manner to expedite growth for the industry, technology, and enthusiasts. 

What is your favorite ARCTIC product?

That would have to be the Freezer 34 eSports DUO.  This beast generates a ton of airflow at a very reasonable cost.  The push-pull configuration blasts cool air in and warm air out faster than most.  Plus, it really looks killer in builds too.

What is your favorite part of marketing?

My favorite aspect of marketing would be creative design.  I love how a design layout can trigger various emotions and actions often without any words at all.  Just shapes, colors, and designs melted together can say so much with so little.  I find it captivating to incorporate the perfect mix of elements to portray an idea, product, sale, or other types of messages that influence an emotional reaction using imagery. 

Meet the ARCTIC Team: Melanie from Accounting

Melanie Eichhorn

Behind every ARCTIC product you love is a fantastic team of people who work very hard to bring it to you. We also have a lot of fun in the process! In our new Meet the Team blog series, we’ll introduce you to the ARCTIC family.

First up is Melanie Eichhorn. Melanie joined ARCTIC’s Finance Department as an accountant last year. Her duties include the balancing accounts and Amazon bookkeeping. She deals daily with billing, crediting and editing Remittance Advice, among other things. In her spare time, Melanie is a passionate gamer.

What do you like most about working at ARCTIC?

The team is great, of course. You feel immediately welcome and can also talk about personal things. Plus, I love numbers and order, I deal with that on a daily basis and it’s a great feeling when the accounts in the accounting are tidy.

What’s your favorite ARCTIC product?

This is an easy one! It is the Arctic Freezer XTREME! I installed it myself in my computer at home 10 years ago and have never had a problem with the cooler. It is still running flawlessly and hasn’t let up on performance

What is your connection to gaming?

I’ve been a gamer since I can remember. I started with consoles and then I quickly switched to the computer. I usually play World of Warcraft, The Sims or Assasins Creed and almost every genre of games. Working at a company that makes components and accessories for computers is absolutely great. One always pays attention to new product releases and whether they could be relevant for your own computer. Plus, you can suggest products to your friends and viewers in the stream with a clear conscience if you know them well.

If you want to check out Melanie’s stream (it’s in German), jump in every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30 (7:30 PM).